Care and Maintenance


Washing your Roll-N-Lock® Tonneau Cover

Wash the Roll-N-Lock® Tonneau Cover with soapy water (non-detergent). After rinsing it off with clean water and allowing it to thoroughly dry, make sure you apply the Aerospace Protectant provided to the vinyl surface and track runners.

Check the housing and drain tubes

Periodically check the housing and drain tubes for any debris, making sure to remove anything that could cause the drains to become blocked. Before removing the housing lid, make sure the cover is closed and latched to the tailgate lock-strip.

Protect your Roll-N-Lock® Tonneau Cover

Periodically treat the vinyl and the track runners with a light application of the 303 Aerospace Protectant provided. NEVER use any type of grease, graphite, WD-40 or other petroleum derivative.