About Us: Read The Roll-N-Lock Story

About Us: Read The Roll-N-Lock Story

Posted on January 3, 2019

About Us: Read The Roll-N-Lock Story

Since our founding in 1992, everyone here at Roll-N-Lock Corporation has been committed to revolutionizing how pickup truck owners utilize their trucks. Over the years we’ve made significant advancements in how we design our tonneau covers, and we’ve seen our market grow to over 50 countries around the world. But how did we get started?

Taking Advantage of a Running Start

Although today we focus on designing game-changing tonneau cover technology known for its rugged reliability, we got our start elsewhere. Conceptualized as a passion project by the Solaroll Shade and Shutter Corporation’s management and engineering teams, Roll-N-Lock branched out and applied the timeless principles of high-quality design and manufacturing to a whole new industry.

Working from what we had already learned about rolling shutters and other high-stress technology, our founders devised cutting-edge methods for building truck bed covers that could withstand practically anything. Today the quality, security, and versatility of our M-Series and A-Series products ensure that truck owners can tackle the road with no limits.

Building on Owner Satisfaction

We’ve come a long way from our humble Pompano Beach origins. Our goal was to design great products that make it easier for truck owners to haul cargo more efficiently than ever before. Instead of creating niche products that only experts can utilize properly, the Roll-N-Lock family has built a series of revolutionary tonneau covers that are easy to use and install, perfectly suited for both commercial users or weekend warriors. In fact, strong support from our diehard customers has helped to create a huge community of knowledgeable owners. No matter what model of truck you drive or how you’ve already customized it, it’s a safe bet that there’s an official Roll-N-Lock installation video, troubleshooting article or support team member ready to help you get rolling.