Tonneau Cover Care Part 2

Tonneau Cover Care Part 2

Posted on November 12, 2018

Cleaning the housing on your Roll-N-Lock cover is just as important as maintaining the vinyl cover. In part 2 of our maintenance blog series, we look at how to properly clean the housing, tracks, and drain tubes. Debris lodged in the housing can prevent the cover from functioning as intended. We recommend regularly checking the unit and side tracks to ensure any debris is removed right away. Below is a step-by-step checklist you can use to clean your tonneau cover housing.


  1. To clean the housing, you’ll first have to remove the lid. Remove the lid screws, then slide the cover towards the cab and lift the lid.

RNL Install 1


  1. Once the lid is off, check the housing unit for any clutter. Look for debris like leaves, mud, and small rocks; anything that may block the drains at the bottom of the housing.

RNL Install 2
Look for any bends or kinks in the drain tubes. Bent or damaged drain tubes may cause water buildup in the housing. You may need to replace the drain tubes if you find significant damage. Once you’ve cleared the drainage tubes, you’re good to go.

RNL Install 3



Don’t Forget

Apply the 303 Aerospace protectant that comes with your tonneau cover to the side tracks to ensure smooth retraction of the cover. Once you’ve finished cleaning, close the housing lid and put the screws back in. Your tonneau cover is now clean and ready to get back to work.


We’ve compiled customer support guides and videos should you need any help along the way. If you need to clean the vinyl cover itself, check out Part 1 of our maintenance blog series here. Give us a call if you have any other questions regarding the care and maintenance of your Roll-N-Lock cover.