Cargo Manager - 19-22 Ram 1500 w/out RamBox , 5.6'
Cargo Manager - 19-22 Ram 1500 w/out RamBox , 5.6'
Cargo Manager - 19-22 Ram 1500 w/out RamBox , 5.6'
Cargo Manager - 19-22 Ram 1500 w/out RamBox , 5.6'
Cargo Manager - 19-22 Ram 1500 w/out RamBox , 5.6'
Cargo Manager - 19-22 Ram 1500 w/out RamBox , 5.6'

Cargo Manager - 19-22 Ram 1500 w/out RamBox , 5.6'

NOTE: Works Only with Roll-N-Lock CoversNOTE: Bungee cords and clips are not included
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Cargo Manager® is a movable truck bed divider that can be positioned every 3” along the sides of the bed to manage and contain lightweight cargo. An optional companion to any Roll-N-Lock truck bed cover, the Cargo Manager is a perfect solution for truck owners looking to prevent their cargo from shifting in the bed when tackling the road or tough terrain. This bed divider is controlled at a single location on the driver’s side and is quickly unlocked by simply squeezing the operation lever. Once unlocked, it easily glides along the bed to securely settle into position to accommodate multiple cargo sizes and shapes. Bungee cords and clips are not included. The Roll-N-Lock Cargo Manager comes with a three-year warranty.



Cargo Manager’s spring-loaded control levers enable the divider to be conveniently positioned every 3" along the bed


Cargo Manager quickly pivots up and out of the way for most loading chores. Its flip-up feature allows the divider to rotate 90 degrees, holding it parallel to, and 12" above the bed floor


Weighing only 11 pounds, Cargo Manager can be easily and quickly removed for loading larger items, like appliances, which cannot slide underneath. It’s convenient, easy, and versatile


Installation varies by part number. Please select vehicle to see the specific installation instructions.


The Roll-N-Lock Cargo Manager has a 3 year limited warranty. This warranty is to the original owner and is non-transferable. Roll-N-Lock makes every effort to assure that its products meet high quality and durability standards to the original retail consumer/purchaser of our products that each product be free from defects in materials and workmanship.


7 Total
Neva J.
5 / 5
23 October 2021
Love my cargo management system.
I love my cargo management system! I no longer have groceries, suitcases or my bowling bags rolling to the back of my truck. It's easy to remove or tilt up to put a longer load in the truck bed. I definitely recommend it. I have tried different ones but this is the best!!! Love my roll-n-lock cover too!
Ralph P.
5 / 5
25 March 2021
Cargo manager
Great add on it is functional and easy to install
thomas m.
2019 Ram 1500
5 / 5
14 March 2021
The staff at Johnson Truck Accessories are excellent.
Patrick S.
4.3 / 5
24 October 2021
Pats review.
So glad I went with this product. Very well built and looks great!
Ernesto B.
4.3 / 5
11 September 2021
Great product price point is the only set back.
Brad W.
4.3 / 5
21 May 2021
Wonderful accessory for my truck
This coupled with my RollnLock retractable bed cover are an excellent addition to my truck. Installation was fairly straightforward, and took about 15 minutes after the bed cover was installed. The product is lightweight but strong, and moves easily within the rails for easy position changes. Definitely adds to the versatility of the cargo bed, and no more small items rolling all over the place... Read More
Patrick S.
4 / 5
24 October 2021
Pats review.
Awesome product. Looks great and was easy to install and use.